Happy Cookies & Co., a creative cookies company, is happy to introduce the new custom-tailored collection for every occasion. The combination of flavors and the touch of originality of the packaging, complete the choice of the selected and valued ingredients. This is how Happy Cookies collection is born, in a parallelism with fashion, with a wide range of tasty cookies, without preservatives and with a refined package.

As in the best Italian tradition a tailor selects the premium fabrics, we select our high quality ingredients: ours, Belgian butter, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, exclusively natural flavorings.

To become excellence, a biscuit needs particular care and creativity in taste and flavors matching.

Just as a fashion designer does with his creations, we make our cookies with love and passion and care for details. Our cookies are “dressed” with an original packaging recalling clothes and the matching between the “personality” of the cookie and the mood of the outfit.